Mass Storage
Cabinet Filing
Cabinet filing is definitely one of the most effective options for file storage.
Despite popular misconception, a cabinet filing system can accomodate a variety of filing types and are not used exclusively for a container based filing system.
Bulk Filing

One of the most dynamic ways any business can file, is using a High Density unit. Because of the design, not only does it save the business valuable floor space, but the system has numerous internal components which ensures that a myriad of filing types and styles can be accommodated.

The only consideration that one needs to keep in mind is that only one bay can be accessed at a time, so if there are many people accessing the files and document all day, a decentralised cabinet system may be preferable.

Archiving Solutions
Document archiving is important for all businesses, but very few businesses administer document archiving correctly. Businesses are legislatively compelled to keep company documents for a specific period of time. The SFS document archiving system will not only make sure that you make use of all the available space, but will ensure that documents are easily accessed, should this be required.
Filing Software
Container-Based Filing has been proven to reduce the filing space, while improving document retrieval time.
We offer a full range of Top Retrieval and Lateral Shelf Filing Products that represent ideal paper management solutions. We manufacture top retrieval and lateral shelf files to accommodate many filing systems and to hold variable paper quantities. All our folders are printed and cut in-house and we support Service For The Blind, by outsourcing the folding and packaging of the files to them. Our folders are manufactured from file quality custodian board, specially manufactured by SAPPI.
We manufacture our plastic filing containers from virgin grade ABS material. We offer a full range of filing containers, including board containers to suit any budget. In addition, we offer a comprehensive range of diling accessories, file labels and a range of archiving products.

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